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100% Kona Coffee - Papa Kona

100% Kona Coffee - Papa Kona


 Farm location: Holualoa, Kona, HI
Variety: Typica
Processing: Dried in parchment
Cupping notes: sweet, stone fruit, citrus
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Papa Kona is a boutique, family-owned coffee farm in Holualoa (a sub-region of the North Kona district).  Planted in 2007, it had its first commercial harvest in 2010.  In addition to growing coffee, Papa Kona boasts an extraordinary botanical garden, with many rare and exotic species of tropical plants.

Daylight Mind and Papa Kona have a long and deep relationship.  Daylight Mind’s co-founder, Shawn Steiman, provided instrumental consultation during the conception, planting, and maturation of the Papa Kona coffee farm.  Derek Proudian, Papa Kona’s proprietor, is an owner and Board member of Daylight Mind Coffee Company.

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