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100% O'ahu Coffee - HARC - Kunia

100% O'ahu Coffee - HARC - Kunia


The Hawaii Agriculture Research Center (HARC) began as the Hawaii Sugar Planters' Association, a globally renowned research institution.  When sugarcane production declined in Hawaii, the company changed its name to HARC.  HARC now researches a variety of crops and is one of the few agriculture research institutions in Hawaii.

Owner Shawn Steiman worked with HARC in a variety of ways during his graduate school years.  For both his MS and PhD degrees, he did his coffee chemistry work under the tutelage of Dr. Mel Jackson.  Also, for his PhD work, the HARC research station in Kunia hosted one of his field sites.

Daylight Mind is the only roaster to roast this coffee, due to their close relationship with the organization.  HARC uses the proceeds of their green coffee sales to Daylight Mind to fund coffee research in Hawaii. 

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