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Featured Kona Farm - Dr Paulo's Kona Coffee

Featured Kona Farm - Dr Paulo's Kona Coffee


 Farm location: Captain Cook, Kona, HI
Variety: Typica
Processing: Dried in parchment
Cupping notes: blackberry, citrus, dark chocolate
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Dr. Paul Sterling started coming to the Hawaiian Islands in 1969 doing R&D on coffee, macadamia nuts, sugar cane and pineapple. He and his wife fell in love with the islands and returned frequently until acquiring the farm in 2000. The family cleared areas to plant coffee and ended up with coffee planted in the open sun and some shaded by the macadamia trees which were already present on the farm.

In 2007, his son Doug Sterling joined him in the islands to learn the about farming and carry the family farm to the next generation. They have since implemented sustainable farming practices that utilize the green waste as fertilizer and a soil builder. They feel strongly that the farmers of today should leave a healthy system for the farmers of tomorrow.

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