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Featured Kona Farm - Sunshower Farms

Featured Kona Farm - Sunshower Farms


 Farm location: Holualoa, Kona, HI
Variety: Typica
Processing: Dried in parchment
Cupping notes: coming soon...
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Sunshower Farms was started by Kate and Doug Hickey in Feb of 2013 when they bought a 20 acre parcel of land in Holualoa. They planted 8 acres of coffee that summer and had their first small harvest in the fall of 2015.  They are beginning their third harvest now and are really starting to get a hang of thing!  They are experimenting with different coffee varieties as well as different cherry processing methods.

In their previous lives, Kate was a lawyer and Doug was a proprietary futures trader in Chicago.  They moved to Hawaii in search of something new (and warm) and fell in love with Sunshower.  Kate does the marketing, website, coffee roasting and sales, events, the homebrew store, vegetable production and animal care. Doug oversees the accounting and all 8 acres of coffee production.

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