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100% Kona Coffee - Arianna Farms

100% Kona Coffee - Arianna Farms


 Farm location: Holualoa, Kona, HI
Variety: Typica, Old Hawaiian
Processing: Dried in parchment
Cupping notes: sweet, floral, creamy
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Arianna Farms ‘Ono Kona Coffee is a boutique, family-owned coffee farm in Holualoa (a sub-region of the North Kona district on the Big Island of Hawaii).  Arianna Farms also recently began producing coffee on a second plot of land, located just beneath the main highway.  They are soon going to have their own wet mill where they'll process their own and other farms' coffees.  The farm is named after the owners' daughter, Arianna.

Daylight Mind and Arianna Farms have a rich and fun relationship.  Daylight Mind’s co-founder, Shawn Steiman, first befriended the owners when he was a Masters student.  Ever since, they've been good friends and colleagues.  Sharon and Bob Wood, the Arianna Farm owners, are also owners and Board members of Daylight Mind Coffee Company.

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