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100% Kona Coffee - Llanes Estate

100% Kona Coffee - Llanes Estate


 Farm location: Keauhou, Kona, HI
Variety: Typica, Yellow Caturra
Processing: Dried in parchment
Cupping notes: black currant, semisweet chocolate, citrus 
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Llanes Estate is nestled in Keauhou Mauka on the slopes of Hualālai Volcano. Justin Llanes manages his family’s fourth-generation coffee farm and maintains the machinery first used by his ancestors. That includes an updated John Gordon iron drum coffee roaster, the original water-powered cherry pulper, and a hoshidana: A Japanese-style drying deck with a retractable roof above the home. All the methods and lessons learned by multiple generations have been passed along and preserved, making the Llanes Estate a living history museum as much as it is a coffee farm.

Today, Justin carries the family legacy with pride and progress while honoring the family’s heritage.  He seeks a sustainable lifestyle and grows or hunts most of his food. He recycles as much biological waste from the farm as possible, like the coffee leaves and pulp which can be used to make tea and fertilizer. Additionally, he runs a guided hunting tour group in the ʻōhiʻa forests above the farm.  Justin is dedicated to experimenting and improving the quality of his coffee and grows multiple varieties including Typica and Yellow Caturra. This dedication to quality is what drew Justin to Daylight Mind when he came to us with a sample of his parchment-dried, mixed-variety coffee and asked for detailed cupping notes.  After tasting this sample - and a very positive talk story at his home – we knew we had to share this Specialty Kona coffee with as many coffee enthusiasts as possible.

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