Waterfront Row - Kona

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Palms at Waterfront RowOur Kailua-Kona flagship store, located at Waterfront Row, houses an innovative mix of full-service hospitality and coffee education. The roastery and café frame the spectacular ocean view, while the restaurant and sunset bar anchor our event services. The two floors are ideally situated to host memorable parties and events all day long.

We support the rich foodways of the Big Island by using as many locally produced ingredients as possible in our restaurant and bakery. In addition, we bake all our breads, pastries, café treats, desserts, and custom confections in house. By connecting our sense of place with our sense of taste, we provide a dining experience that starts with cuisine and ends with cultural nourishment.

Our coffee program, comprising the roastery and coffee education classes, proudly features the most extensive selection of Hawaiian coffees in the state. We source directly from farmers, ensuring the highest quality within a diverse set of coffees so that we can satisfy your particular preferences. This excellence extends to our selection of world coffees.

We believe that all our guests deserve a magnificent food and beverage experience. Whether you’re stopping by for morning coffee or relaxing into a leisurely dinner, we aim to make you feel cared for in body and mind.

Please join us. There’s a table – or a mug – waiting just for you.