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Coffee School

Professional specialty coffee education on your schedule!

Coffee can be as simple as a caffeine-carrying beverage or as complicated as the subject of PhD dissertations.  If you're reading this, your interest probably falls somewhere in the middle of these extremes.  We can help you learn what you want to learn!

Dr. Shawn Steiman teachng a coffee class

We offer private classes for groups or individuals on your schedule and according to your needs.  We will create the perfect class for you.  We even support corporate getaways.



Click here to see a list of courses and classes previously offered by Daylight Mind or Shawn Steiman.  It is not comprehensive but it offers an idea of the range of topics we can offer.

If you want a short, one hour coffee experience on a topic such as cupping, roasting, or brewing, we can help you with very short notice.  Please, contact Brittany Horn and she'll help you make it happen.  This is perfect for visitors to our island!

If you are interested in a more complex and detailed set of classes or a full course, please contact our headmaster, Shawn Steiman, PhD.