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Coffee is the highest foreign exchange earner for Papua New Guinea, the majority of which is grown in the Eastern Highland Province, the Western Highland Province, and Simbu. With the industry not derived on a colonial plantation-based system, production is largely done by small farmers with land holdings that grow as little as 20 trees per plot in “coffee gardens” alongside subsistence crops. Papua New Guinean coffee tends to have medium body, low to medium acidity, a syrupy mouthfeel with fruity notes. Sometimes, the flavor experience is even described as “wild”!

This coffee comes from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where nearly 3,000 smallholder farmers are collected into a cooperative group overseen by the Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative. The group's objectives are to improve roadways and infrastructure in the region, support the 20 primary schools within the Purosa and Okapa areas by providing resource materials and desks, provide beds and mattresses for local medical centers, and support women's groups.

Farm: Various small farms

Region: Chimbu Province, Chuave District, Eastern Highlands

Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica

Process method:  Dried in parchment

Flavor notes: Raisin, cocoa, cherry tomato

8 oz / 227 g. Whole bean

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