Orlando Aguilar | El Salvador

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Description: Producer Orlando Aguilar comes from a coffee-producing family that has developed traditions in El Salvador. He has focused his intentions to sell coffee to the specialty market by working with strong varieties and an ideal climate, soil, and alititude.

The harvest at Finca Buena Vista is done entirely by hand, selecting only the full-ripe cherries for processing. Once picked, the coffee is fermented in sacks for an average of 9–12 hours, depulped, washed, and dried on raised beds and patios for an average of 10–13 days.

Farm: Orlando Aguilar - Finca Buena Vista

Region: Alotepec, Chalatengano

Variety: Pacas

Process method: Parchment dried

Flavor notes: Lemon, toffee, almond

8 oz / 227 g. Whole bean

We roast Tuesday and Thursday. We ship Wednesday and Friday.