100% Maui Coffee | Yellow Caturra

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MauiGrown Coffee is one of four mechanically harvested operations in Hawaii.  With the decline of sugarcane in the 1980’s, the large sugar growers diversified into coffee, each planting hundreds of acres.  While MauiGrown is no longer owned and operated by that company, it still thrives as a coffee farm.  MauiGrown, in West Maui, grows four Arabica varieties (Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, Typica, and Mokka) on over 350 acres of land.  MauiGrown has a unique relationship with Kaanapali Land Management Corporation, whereby homeowners own acreage within the coffee field that MauiGrown Coffee manages.

Daylight Mind’s co-founder, Shawn Steiman, has a long and warm relationship with MauiGrown Coffee.  He has worked with them in the past on nutrient management as well as represented their product in a myriad of public tastings.  Daylight Mind is proud to offer this coffee from Maui.

Farm: Mauigrown Coffee

Region: Kaʻanapali, Maui, HI

Variety: Yellow Caturra

Process method:  Dried in parchment

Flavor notes: Toasted sugar, sweet grass, citrus

8 oz / 227 g. Whole bean

We roast Tuesday and Thursday. We ship Wednesday and Friday.