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This blog was originally published on February 20, 2015 Here at Daylight Mind, we try to always remember we have things pretty good in the United States.  We consider ourselves fortunate and we recognize that we have a very talented crew who can often do much more in the coffee industry than our little business requires.  Thus, we’ve decided to offer our assistance in ways that don’t directly benefit us but will hopefully help others in the coffee industry. Thus, we recently sent our Chief Science Officer, Shawn Steiman, on a volunteer assignment to the coffee motherland (Ethiopia).  He spent...

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This blog was originally published on Dec 17, 2013.  It later became the basis for a chapter in The Little Coffee Know-It-All.We advocate that the best way to buy coffee is based on what it tastes like.  Makes sense, right?  Packaging is nice but it’s what inside that counts.  If you don’t get to try the coffee first, though, you have to rely on what is written on the package (or the website).  Yet, most of us have had the experience of buying wine or coffee that are well labeled with descriptors, only to drink the stuff and not taste...

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