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This blog was originally published at Daily Coffee News on September 25, 2017 The first three parts of this series laid out some of the problematic issues with current competition scoring systems, ways in which we might better define a winning coffee in a competition, and how we’d use that definition in practice for a competition. With an understandable and clear definition, contest entrants and observers can better understand and engage with the competition. Also, having a definition facilitates a much more objective assessment. This post describes one example of how competition stakeholders developed a definition, as well as what...

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This blog was originally published on January 6, 2017 When planning and starting a business, owners have a vision, usually a big one.  We were no different.  After nearly three and a half years, much of that vision has come to fruition.  However, some of our vision has not been given the tender loving care we would have liked to have given it.  The truth is, starting a business and making is successful takes more time and energy than anyone ever expects.  With those resources limited, some things are pushed to the front of the queue while others are kept...

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