Becoming na'auao

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Becoming na'auao

This blog was originally published on January 6, 2017

When planning and starting a business, owners have a vision, usually a big one.  We were no different.  After nearly three and a half years, much of that vision has come to fruition.  However, some of our vision has not been given the tender loving care we would have liked to have given it.  The truth is, starting a business and making is successful takes more time and energy than anyone ever expects.  With those resources limited, some things are pushed to the front of the queue while others are kept patiently waiting for another day.

Specifically, we’re thinking about the ideal behind the Hawaiian word that we take our name from, na‘auao.  On a permanent page of our website, we wrote about where our name and logo come from.  We wrote of discovery and knowledge, exploring known and unknown waters, and using scientific methods and principles in decision making.  We have embraced these ideals since opening.  But not enough.

Cupping at Daylight Mind


Today is the day we drag some of that vision to the front of the queue.  Of course, that vision will evolve and we’re likely to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of the company occasionally.  Nonetheless, we will strive to live up to our vision to pursue knowledge and enlightenment.

So, what does this mean, practically?  For one, we aim to write blogs regularly.  This will not only help us explore ideas but let us share that journey for knowledge with you.  They’ll cover myriad topics, though mostly coffee-related ones.  We have plans to run experiments that will test ideas that seem worthwhile but may not be practical to execute (we’ll blog about some of those, too!).  We are also developing a monthly seminar series where (mostly) local experts or very knowledgeable enthusiasts teach us and anyone interested about a topic of their choosing (interested in speaking?  Please contact us!).  Of course, we will continue to grow our coffee school so that more people have access to the coffee knowledge they always wanted.

As the year progresses, we hope to discover new and interesting ways to inhabit na‘auao.  We look forward to sharing those experiences with you and hearing your feedback!

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